Jewellery for men, women and kids. Jewellery for weddings, festivals, parties and workplaces. With our 100 percent certified and hallmarked gold, diamond and kundan jewellery, you will be spoilt for choice…..and quality.Ganpati rings, pendants, necklaces and earrings are flattering (for your skin) and friendly (to the environment).Desi to the core, Ganpati Jewellers have emerged as the most trusted wholesale Indian jewellery wholesale suppliers in Ghana.

Honoured as the Jewellery King of Punjab, our sensibilities combine the best of Indian royalty and modesty…satisfying your taste for luxury while keeping you rooted. This is where Ganpati Jewellers syncs with Ghana’s rich legacy of being the ‘Strong Warrior King’- our collections will enhance your beauty and strength. After all- when you feel bold and empowered, you easily face life’s challenges and emerge as brave warriors from each storm.As the best Indian jewellery suppliers in Ghana, we battle for truth, beauty and peace and consider it our responsibility to honour you as warrior kings and queens.

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What makes Ganpati Jewellers special?

It is our traditional Indian philosophy of inclusivity and hospitality wherein we offer beautifully designed jewellery that attest to our love and respect for different cultures. Our jewellery is inclusive and dynamic, coming in all shapes, sizes and weights, adapting to your tastes and moods, maintaining and actively improving quality. Our jewellery wholesale in Ghana is motivated by the cultural vibes of Ghana. We resonate with the culture-first Ghana society bright with literature, art and craftsmanship.

Indigenous stories are carved into the Indian designs of Ganpati Jewellers. All stories carry emotions inspired by a moment or a person. The bride sitting before the mirror- putting on an earring and beholding herself- thinks of the first ever earring she wore…gifted by her grandmother. Her choice of the earring is guided by the first gift. Next, she thinks of the necklace that she will put on and now she is led by practical concerns. She wants a neckpiece that will go with her earring and not divert attention from her dress. With the wholesale Ganpati supplies, she has the right solution for everything- she has picked the earrings she wanted from our handpicked collection and now puts on the most suitable necklace. The result? She glows inwardly and shines for the world. Caring is the core quality we bring to our products and services, ensuring you look and feel the best version of yourself.

We deliver the choicest wishes to the world…in the form of pure, elegant, timeless jewellery. You choose the best Indian jewellery from the safety and comfort of your homes and we at Ganpati import your choice of jewellery in Ghana from India…right to your dressing tables. Serving all jewellery lovers with beauty and art remains our goal at Ganpati Jewellers. Our wholesale supplies make Indian jewellery a part of your everyday life. Merry, empowering bangles, glamorous and glorious necklaces, regal and intimate rings, flamboyant and memorable earrings… Ganpati Jewellers serves a galaxy of thoughts and emotions, wrapped in premium gold, diamond and kundan.

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