Jewellery for you, your wife, your children, your uncle, your niece and school friends. Jewellery for weddings, festivals, business outings and afternoon siestas. With our 100 percent pure, tests and certified gold, diamond and kundan jewellery, you will be spoilt for choice…..and quality.Ganpati rings, pendants, necklaces and earrings maintain the radiance of your body and the health of the environment. We uphold truth, beauty and peace through our designs, services and jewellery supplies. Desi to the core, Ganpati Jewellers has emerged as the most trusted wholesale Indian jewellery wholesale suppliers in Dubai.

Dubai…the land of the faithful moderns, the cosmopolitans, the grand and the opulent, the maximalists.Our ornate jewellery designs pay a tribute to the Indian tradition of elegance and Dubai’s state-of-the-art ornamental aesthetics. As Indian jewellery suppliers in Dubai, we connect to the pilgrim spirit of the Dubai society with our spiritual and sophisticated handpicked collections.

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What makes Ganpati Jewellers special?

Honoured as the Jewellery King of Punjab, royalty runs in the DNA of Ganpati products. At the same time, we remain true to the Indian tradition of modesty, inclusivity and hospitality. We serve regal jewellery, indulging your senses, courting luxuriousness. As Indian jewellery suppliers, we also ensure that luxury is wedded to cosmopolitanism…making everyone who patronises and wears our jewellery global and empathetic citizens.

Native and homely stories are engraved in the Indian designs of Ganpati Jewellers. The stories are inspired by people, places and moments. The lawyer turned tourism entrepreneur says a quiet prayer before buying his engagement ring and remembers the first ever ring he wore – a gift from his aunt. His choice of the ring is guided by his memories. The young girl clinks the Ganpati bangles she has borrowed from her mother, smiling as she feels all grownup, ready to attend a high school party. With Ganpati’s jewellery wholesale in Dubai, you have the right fit for all occasions and emotions. Gift our handpicked jewellery to your loved ones and see them glow inwardly and outwardly. Caring is the core quality we bring to our products and services, ensuring you look and feel the best version of yourself.

We deliver the choicest wishes to the world…in the form of trusted, hallmarked and timeless jewellery. You choose the best Indian jewellery from the safety and comfort of your homes and we at Ganpati import your choice of jewellery in Dubai from India…right to your dressing tables. Serving all jewellery lovers with beauty and art, celebrating craftsmanship and seeking peace and truth remain our goal at Ganpati Jewellers. Our wholesale supplies make Indian jewellery a part of your everyday life. Rings that enhance your personality, necklaces that reflect your dreams, earrings that lift your mood… Ganpati Jewellers serves a bouquet of thoughts and emotions, embedded in premium gold, diamond and kundan.

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